Predicting When Labor Will Begin

Q: Will a vaginal exam tell me when I can expect labor to begin? A: While a vaginal exam can provide information […]

How Late is Too Late for an Epidural?

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Water Births

The idea of water birth appeals to some expectant parents as a relaxing and gentle way to bring a baby […]

How To Comfort Your Partner During Labor

Use this routine when your laboring partner is in despair, weeping, crying out for help, or ready to give up. […]

Is a C-section Safer for Moms and Babies?

Fact or Fiction? Because a planned cesarean is more predictable and controllable, it’s safer for mothers and babies. Fiction. While cesarean surgery […]

How to Support Your Belly After a C-section

Helpful Information: How to Support Your Belly After a C-section When you first get up after a cesarean, it may […]

What are “natural” or “slow” C-sections? 

Q: I’ve heard of “natural cesareans” or “slow cesareans.” What are they? A: Historically, cesareans were emergency procedures that emphasized rapid delivery […]

Getting Some ZZZ’s After Your Baby’s Birth 

Helpful Information: Getting Some ZZZ’s After Your Baby’s Birth Recipe for Sleep in the First Weeks after the Birth Many […]

Getting Your Body Back after your Baby

Q: I know I should exercise to help my recovery, but I just can’t find the time. What can I do? […]

Post Partum Mood Disorders (PPMD)

Myth: All women feel sad, anxious, or angry after giving birth. The feelings will go away if I just “tough […]